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Executive Committee

FSU Executive Committee 2017-2018 (Click here for meeting minutes).

The Executive Committee is responsible for all policies of the organization inclusive of establishing committees that oversee collective bargaining and contract administration as well as member involvement and labor/management committees (see the FSU bylaws for details). Executive Committee members are elected by the FSU members who are from their constituency (librarian, non-tenure track, tenure track not yet tenured, or tenured) except that the President and Vice President are elected by the membership as a whole (NOTE: The President and VP will have their constituency counted in the Executive Commitee's proportional breakdown).

Spring 18 FSU Elections have ended. See here for the results.

FSU members in good standing who wish to have an item added to the agenda of the next Executive Committee meeting should contact the FSU President.

1. Marlene Kim- President                                  


Constituency:  Tenured             287-6954

2. John Hess—Vice President

American Studies/English

Constituency: Non-Tenure Track                287-6721

3. Peggy Walsh—Clerk


Constituency: Non-tenure Track           287-6743

4. Ellen Frank- Treasurer            Economics

Constituency: Non-Tenure Track          

5. Sofya Aptekar                       Sociology

Constituency: Pre-tenured Tenure Track                         

6. Monique Fuguet                 Mathematics

Constituency: Non-Tenure Track       

7. Steven Levine                     Philosophy

Constituency: Tenured            287-7245

8. Jeff Melnick                American Studies

Constituency: Tenured

9. Askold Melnyczuk                 English

Constituency: Tenured        

10. Tina Mullins                               Library

Constituency: Librarians            287-5933

11. Joseph Ramsey                       English/American Studies

Constituency: Non-Tenure Track         

12. Jason Rodriquez                   Sociology                                   

Constituency: Pre-tenure Tenure Track

13. Steve Striffler                      Labor Resource Center/Anthropology

Constituency: Tenured           287-7426