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October 5, 2021- FSU General Assembly Meeting


Thursday, October 5, 2021, 3:30-5:00 via Zoom

Contact FSU office for list of attendees


  1. Welcome.

  2. Update on Collective Bargaining: FSU has engaged in contract bargaining for over a year so far. It has been difficult to schedule sessions with the Administration. We expect a salary proposal from the Administration soon. We are likely to receive a proposal of 2%-2%-2% salary raises with a 1.5% bonus in the first year. After we get this proposal the bargaining process will likely speed up. Steve gives update on proposals FSU has put forward. The first bargaining session of the fall semester is October 12. Discussion amongst members about bargaining items and strategies.

  3. Status of Expanded Bargaining: We negotiated expanded bargaining during summer 2020 that allows 30 FSU members to watch bargaining sessions in a webinar format and participate in caucuses during bargaining. With the webinar format, the Administration and FSU core bargaining teams cannot see or hear. The expanded bargaining MOU was active until we returned to campus. Administration is now resistant to continuing expanded bargaining even though bargaining will continue virtually. Discussion of importance and usefulness of expanded bargaining.

  4. MTA Grant Allowing for Campus Air Testing: FSU received grant from MTA to test quality of air ventilation over two days in 30 sites in Wheatley and McCormack.

  5. Health and Safety Update: Administration has restarted a longstanding committee, the Health and Safety Committee (with representation from all unions). This committee focuses more on safety issues, like collapsing garage years ago. Discussion of health and safety issues, including lack of social distancing and poor notification system of exposures.

  6. Update on Parking Bargaining: Caroline gives update on parking bargaining. Caroline and Joe Brown representing FSU in the parking bargaining coalition – with DCU, PSU, CSU. The coalition filed a cease-and-desist order for Administration to stop changes in payment system happening at Bayside. Administration responded that the change in form of payment is not a change. People have been getting citations for parking at Bayside when garage is full. Unions filed unfair labor practice against the University. University has unilaterally changed work conditions – parking app, must register license plates, semester passes not fully active when they should have been. Members who have received citations should contact the FSU. Discussion.

  7. Future Activities: Forums: October 13: workshop/forum from 9:00-10:00 with someone from MTA to help us improve our media and communications strategies. All-union meeting last week with Merrie Najimi and Max Page – Fair Share Amendment. Potential future forums on NTT equity and state/federal political engagement.