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Advocating for Our Rights as Members
The Faculty Staff Union Exists to Promote Better Working Conditions and Protect the Wages and Rights of Our Members
Faculty Staff Union, UMass Boston
UMass Boston- Harbor Point
Speak Out Against Proposed Take-Backs!
FSU, CSU, and PSU members at the Chancellor's Office demanding that UMass pay the raises agreed to in bargaining
The Faculty Staff Union of UMass-Boston
Representing Faculty Members and Librarians at UMass Boston Since 1976.

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston Quinn/2/81A 100 Morrissey Blvd Boston MA 02125 617-287-6295 | 

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston

Welcome to the FSU Site. Here you will find important information about our union, including the contract, a list of officers and  Executive Committee members, the FSU office telephone number and our address. You will also find information about current issues.   Please be sure to check the site regularly for the most recent issues facing our unit. We also have provided links to related sites that   you may find useful for union issues and for professional activities.

Caroline Coscia, President


President's Letter

Dear colleagues:

It is my pleasure to serve as your FSU President. Here is an update on some important issues.



We completed bargaining on most issues in the fall. The major elements of the new contract include:

Raises of up to 3.5% per year over three years (split between a 2.1% cost of living and 1.4% merit).

Benefits for all half-time NTTs (there is no longer a waiting period).

Promotions for NTTs by FTE, not calendar year accumulations.

Get to Know Your Contract: How Bargaining Works

By Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Staff

Spring 15

How does our contract become our contract? For some FSU members, this question brings to mind the old adage about laws and sausage: best not to know how either is made. And while the details of the process may be of interest only to the select few members who serve on the bargaining team, there are 3 basic elements that all members should be aware of: bargaining, ratification, and legislative approval of the contract.


MTA’s Legislative Agenda Reflects New Priorities

Interview with Art MacEwan, member, MTA Government Relations Committee, conducted by newsletter editor Jennifer C. Berkshire

Spring 15


You’re on the MTA’s Government Relations Committee, which is emphasizing a new, more grassroots-driven approach to the union’s legislative work. Fill us in on the background.

Speak out to fund your raises and express your dismay on health care costs



We are continuing our actions to get our raises funded. Here’s how you can help.

MTA Retirement Workshops, April 2024

Individual sessions are available between 9 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. on WED., 4/03; THU., 4/11 and MON., 04/15. 


For those just now hearing about retirement consultations, these sessions assist members in securing answers to retirement questions as they relate to the member’s specific situation.  For example:  

- Given my age and my service, when is the best time for me to retire? 

Learning From The Wins At Rutgers


Learning from the Wins at Rutgers

The following is a transcript of an interview with Todd Wolfson and Bryan Sacks of Rutgers University conducted by Joseph G. Ramsey, Senior Lecturer, English, American Studies, and Honors College.

Research Intensive Semester- Counting Prior Course Releases?

A pre-tenured tenure track member was informed that prior course releases granted upon hire fulfilled the terms of the Research Intensive Semester (RIS) guaranteed in Article 15.7.1 (the latter grants faculty a semester of teaching free work or two semesters with a single course load reduction). However, the member was hired at 3/3, rather than 2/2 (which is the current contractual norm for a full time load) and never actually received a teaching free semester nor a 1/1 academic year.

Repayment Demanded By HR For Errant Over Compensation Of Members

We have spoken with a number of members who have reported that they have been accidentally overpaid by Payroll. The latter has then mandated that the members repay the inadvertent over compensation.


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