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AFR Workshop follow up


Dear NTT Faculty, 

Monday afternoon was a workshop on completing your AFR.  When we sent you the email with the event details, we included a zoom link and said we would be recording the workshop. 

Monday was a Murphy’s law kind of afternoon. Upon arriving at the ISC-1-1400 conference room we found it locked.  A call was made, and the room was unlocked but not until 3:40PM.  We immediately went to work to set up the conference room’s technology.  With the assistance of event staffing, we got the zoom up and running but the audio would not work. After numerous attempts to fix, in desperation we used a personal laptop.  Finally, at 3:50 we began the workshop with those in the conference room not being able to see the Power Point.  

In all the confusion with room access and trying to get the audio working, when we did begin, we forgot to record the workshop. 

We apologize for the oversight.   

In the next few days, we will record on zoom the workshop content and then share.    

The deadline to submit your AFR has been extended to September 27th

Caroline Coscia, FSU Vice President  

Paul Dyson, FSU Grievance Officer   

For information on the FSU, links to our contract and bargaining updates, and a calendar of events, see the FSU webpage