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April 13, 2011

(NOTE: This is the annual members' meeting)


MTA Meeting

There was a report on the upcoming MTA member meeting (May 13th, 14th). The FSU can send 14 delegates to the meeting.

GIC Enrollment

Members were reminded that ALL benefited employees need to re-enroll in their health plans or they will automatically be enrolled in a less expensive plan. They should contact HR for more info.


It was reported that the new FSU website should be up and running within the next few months.

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Vote

It was reported that the 09-12 University College CBA ratification vote is currently underway and will last for 10 days.

April 13th Day of Action

There was a report on the actions planned for the day to bring attention to the defunding of and disinvestment from higher education. Actions are being planned at colleges and universities around the country, including a number on the UMB campus.

Research and Educational Support Funds

Members are reminded that they need to provide Admin with their list of reimbursable expenditures by June 1st in order to receive their share of RES funds. It was also noted that a portion of the money in the RES funds pool that is allocated to non-tenure track faculty (NTT) will be separated into a NTT Scholarship Fund. NTT faculty should provide info on their AFR’s re scholarly work in order to be eligible for monies from the fund. DPC’s will evaluate NTT this coming Fall for work done in 10-11.

Dorothy Nelson

It was announced that Dorothy Nelson, long-time Senior Lecturer, union activist, and FSU Newsletter editor will be retiring at the end of the semester. She will continue to work on the newsletter post-retirement.

SEIU Slideshow on the State of the Economy

A slideshow put together by a SEIU local was shown to the members. The slideshow presents information via graphs on the current fiscal, economic crisis and lays out how a change in taxation policy could alleviate the burdens on public institutions like UMass.

MA Budget Situation

There was a report on the state’s budgetary situation. It was noted that currently only 20% of the UMB operating budget comes from the state. It was also noted that there will likely be a reduction in state funding of UMB of $8 million for FY12.

This was followed by a debate on the political agenda and how the FSU and MTA should address the chronic underfunding issue.

MTA Sponsored Legislation

Mickey Gallagher, MTA Consultant, presented information on a number of MTA sponsored bills, including H. 2553 An Act to Invest in Our Communities, which would raise state revenues through an increase in the income tax rate (to be coupled with greater exemptions for low and middle income residents).

Peter Langer

Associate Provost Peter Langer spoke about the proposed new academic buildings and the impact that might have on class sizes. He noted that currently, the physical classroom environment at UMB is grim. He noted that construction on the Integrated Sciences Complex is underway and that UMB will likely build an additional academic building of 150 thousand square feet, 1/3 of which will be used for classroom space. The building will have a range of 35 to 40 classrooms (there are currently 99 total at UMB) and will range in size from small to large (80-120 students). He noted that many Deans favor large classes for certain subjects but many would elect to keep the smaller class sizes.

There was an extensive discussion of the merits of large classroom sizes as well as the broader issues of University expansion and the potential impact such an expansion might have on students, fees, etc.

Michael Kozuch

Michael Kozuch, MTA member in Newton South High School and Dorchester resident, spoke to the membership. He will be the new legislative activist for the MTA in his district and will be tasked with finding 20 –to 25 MTA members to actively engage in legislative issues and to ensure that there is better communication between the MTA leadership and the rank and file. Any FSU member interested in being more involved in legislative issues should contact Michael via the FSU office.

FSU FY12 Budget Vote

The Mass Society of Professors, the FSU’s sister chapter at UMA, recommended a $5 local dues increase for 11-12 (the local dues rate must be voted on and agreed to by members of BOTH chapters). The local dues rate issue was brought to the membership’s attention for discussion. It was noted that the proposed dues increase was only very recently brought to the attention of the FSU leadership and that there was not enough time for the FSU Executive Committee to debate the merits of such an increase. It was recommended that the debate on a dues increase, and hence on the FSU budget, be extended to a later date. There was a motion to extend the FSU meeting  to a later date. The motion was seconded. The motion to extend the FSU meeting to a later date passed by unanimous consent.

FSU Bargaining and Other Priorities.

There was discussion of the priorities for the next round of upcoming contract negotiations as well as for the general work of the FSU in 11-12. They are as follows:


  1. Distance Learning
  2. Long term contracts for Senior Lecturers
  4. 2nd salary bump for Senior Lecturers (at 16 years)
  5. Employees/dependents taking UC courses for free
  6. Quality of work life (i.e. office space)
  7. Parking
  8. NTT service and remuneration


  1. Help find ‘vision’ for UMB (i.e. class size and fees)
  2. Dues structure for less than 50% NTT
  3. NTT contracts for Senior Lecturers