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April 22, 2016- Ex Com E-Vote, Revision to Proposed FY17 FSU Budget


The FSU Ex Com was asked to vote on the following on 4/21/16. The FSU Executive Committee did not vote to alter the proposed FY17 FSU budget. The votes were 8 in favor; 0 opposed; 5 members did not vote.



Thanks for your feedback and productive input yesterday.  Ellen Frank, one of the part-time grievance officers, emailed me last night to tell me that given her workload next year, she will not be a grievance officer.  (She also said she didn’t think we needed 5 grievance officers either).  I had Lorenzo re-do the budget without her position (last three columns, I-K).  The one in blue (column J) is the equivalent budget you recommended (with a $5 dues increase) without her position in it.  It means that the budget would basically be balanced next year. 

Email everyone to let us know if you recommend this budget instead.  I thought this change may be easily approved by email given that the budget would be balanced with this change and our lengthy discussion yesterday.  This would be the budget we would present to the membership next week. 


If we don’t approve of this by email, we can keep with the budget you recommended (column G, in green) and an empty position in it, and fill it if needed next year (although given the uncertainty of the administration filling this position, I don’t recommend filling it but rather spreading the work to the remaining four grievance officers). 


Thanks again. 


Marlene Kim

Faculty Staff Union President, and


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