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April 24, 2013


Members Present: Catherine Lynde   Heike Schotten   Marlene Kim   Larry Kaye    Steven Levine   Tina Mullins   John Hess   Kathy Kogan

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator   Al Leisinger, FSU NTT Tenure Track Faculty Grievance Officer 


EDU Meeting- 10-11:30, April 27th, King School, 850 Cambridge St., Cambridge- Educators for a Democratic Union, a progressive caucus within MTA, will be meeting at this time.

NEA Representative Assembly, July-One FSU delegate will be attending this meeting.

Results of Spring 13 Executive Committee Elections- Click here for details.

MA Higher Ed Budget
It was reported that both the Governor’s proposed budget and the House Ways and Means proposed budget for FY14 contain an 8% increase for public higher ed (=$30 million additional for UMass system).  It was suggested that this might bind Caret to his pledge of not raising tuition or fees for 2 years if the state provided additional funds; we don’t know yet. It was also noted that the House budget would call for the creation of a new state commission to ‘monitor’ higher ed and that the Governor’s budget included $112 million in scholarship money but the House budget did not. Concern was raised that Caret’s tuition/fee freeze would be conditioned on creating more ‘efficiencies’ at UMass.

Update: Proposed Legislation on Retiree Health Insurance
The House placed this bill in committee so it will not be voted on until the fall (the bill would have effectuated the changes as of July 1 2013).

UMB Budget Deficit
It was reported that UMB will likely face a $10 million budget deficit for FY14 (UMB overspent in FY13 based on predicted revenue generators- increased enrollments, increased grant funding, funds generated via Institutional Advancement- that did not materialize). Most of the increased expenditures were for new TT hires, new grad programs/colleges. It was noted that most faculty are unaware of this issue and that word should be spread (questions on this can be directed to Catherine Lynde). There was discussion of the opaque nature of budgeting at UMass, the lack of effective input/oversight of the budget process, and the communication issues between the FSU, Faculty Council, and Faculty Senates.

Update: Parking and Transportation Bargaining
Admin is seeking to go to mediation the week of April 29th. Admin is also seeking to establish dates for arbitration now. The coalition agreed to the mediation but could not attend on the proposed dates. At that point Admin refused any further bargaining dates. The coalition is considering filing an unfair labor practice charge with the Labor Relations Commission since they have never received a counter-proposal from Admin.  It was also noted that a letter was sent from the coalition to the other Harbor Point institutions asking them to contribute their fair share for use of the shuttle busses; (the #2 is used by the other institutions but paid entirely by UMB parking fees). There was discussion of the parking organizing campaign: the coalition is tabling over the next week and is asking people to fill out a postcard addressed to Caret asking him not to raise parking fees. Members should ask their students to do the same (cards can be filled out and returned to the FSU office; the FSU will send an email to this affect to members). It was suggested that the postcards be hand delivered rather than mailed and the delivery be videotaped. There will also be a parking demonstration on May 9th (details to follow).

Update: NTT Bargaining
Admin severed negotiations after the FSU bargaining team refused to accept their stipulation of an ‘adjunct pool’ not subject to just cause protections; (no agreement on other issues was reached as a result). Bargaining for the successor agreement will begin in January 2014 and NTT issues can be negotiated again at that time.

FY14 FSU Budget Recommendation Vote
There was discussion of the proposed budget which includes a $5 increase in local dues for 13-14. A motion to recommend the proposed budget, inclusive of the $5 increase, to the FSU membership for a vote was made. The motion was seconded. The motion passed (6 in favor, 1 opposed). (to see the FY14 FSU budget contact the fsu office).

CLA’s TT 2/2 Teaching Schedule: Concerns
These include: fewer course options for students due to decreased class offerings (this is a result of an increase in the number of large sections), course size ‘creep’- many NTT are reporting class size limit increases, compensation for large sections- Poli Sci NTT are reporting that some classes have 160 students (normally a 4 course equivalent) with one grad asst (it is unclear if they get graders or not).