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April 28, 2023

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2023 (Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Caroline Coscia (President); Jeff Melnick (Vice President); Chris Barcelos; Dana Commesso; Sana Haroon; Linda Liu; Jose Martinez-Reyes; Brian White

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Senior Staff Member); Katie D’Urso (MTA Field Rep); Amy Todd; Jon Millman

  1. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda as amended (Linda Liu added additional item re CAT). Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

2.FSU Annual Meeting – Recap: Caroline gives summary. Caroline: Ex Com members- please take a look at revised draft budget and let me and Lorenzo know if anything needs to be changed. We will then send to MSP, etc.

3.Executive Committee Vacancies effective June 1st: Caroline: Ex Com will be short 3 Tenured reps in 23-23. Need to figure out what to do. Jeff: What are we allowed to? Lorenzo: Bylaws indicate that we can either have special election, leave slots unfilled, or appoint runner up from last election. Jeff: need a plan for outreach. Sana: Ask FSU Annual Meeting attendees? Jeff: I would be willing to work on ad hoc committee to recruit people. Sana: what if we each try to attend a department event for outreach? Dana: MGS has an event on Monday. I will be there. Can ask folks there. Sana: Can I ask Admin for list of DPC chairs, asking them to recommend FSU service? Caroline: Do special election in Fall? Sana: Do it right after AFR submission deadline. Ex Com agrees to plan to have special election in Fall with Jeff, Jose, and Sana heading nominations outreach (no formal vote).

4.Committee Appointments: Motion to approve Jessica Holden as Clerk for 23-24. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Motion to approve Travis Johnston as FSU rep to ATC for 23-24. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Motion to approve Glover Martin, Pai Dyson, Heidi Stanish, and Laurie Milliken as grievance officers for 23-24. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Motion to approve Caroline Coscia, Sana Haroon as FSU reps to JCC for 23-24. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. (Note: GC chair will be appointed to JCC later). Motion to approve Caroline Coscia, Travis Johnston, and Dana Commesso to Election Committee for 23-24. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimouslyCaroline: will need to look at Bylaws Committee, other committees next time.

5.End of Semester Gathering: Discussion. Motion to agree to hold end of semester gathering towards end of semester with food paid for by FSU up to $500. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

6.Vaccine Requirement: Caroline: Informed by university that UMB will not require Covid vaccinations for future hires.


Caroline: Ex Com consensus is that vaccine mandate should remain?

Agreed to that vaccine mandate should remain (official vote not taken).

Caroline will draft something per the above noting Ex Com opposition to Admin plan and send to Admin.

7.Library Support: Caroline gives summary. Discussion of draft resolution. Members will edit draft on Google doc before Monday. Will be sent in Nuts and Bolts on Monday.

8.The Point: Discussion of what will happen with The Point after Jeff’s Ex Com term is up (end of Spring 23).

Agreement that Jeff and Steve Striffler, with Linda’s help, will work on this over summer. Can meet with Caroline and Sana to discuss recruiting people to write.

9.Progressive Dues Committee: Caroline: This was raised at FSU Annual Meeting. Should form an ad hoc committee to review possibility of implementing progressive dues within FSU. Maybe see what other MTA locals have done. Brian: happy to work on this.

10.Academic Reorg – Gerontology: Recap of FSU meeting with Gerontology faculty. Caroline: Committee reviewing this should release report on May 5th. I will ask about latest at next L-M.

11.CAT Update: Discussion of latest CAT actions/activities.

12.New Business ItemInternational Faculty/Visa Issue- Sana: Individual member raised issue of visa problems. Should we raise at L-M? Or deal with elsewhere?


Caroline/Sana: Raise general issue at L-M. Follow up with specific member, others later. Caroline: Need to find out who in Admin is responsible for this.