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Dear FSU Member,
If ratified, the contract for 2014-17 will contain: 
● Salary increases of 2.1% cost of living per year for 3 years with an additional 1.4% merit pool each year.  Raises are split between July (1.75% across the board) and January (0.35% across the board and 1.4% merit)
● Higher salary floors
● Higher promotional increases
●Increased research funds of $150,000 during AY 2014-15, $175,000 in AY 2015-16 and $200,000 in AY 2016-17 (currently it is $150,000/year).
●A salary anomaly pool of $60,000/year instead of the current pool of $30,000/year.
●Keeping the additional travel funds of $1000/year in addition to any Dean’s funds for tenure-track faculty.
NTTs:  A substantially different NTT contract that is more like UMass Amherst’s.  Priority lists will be eliminated and instead there will be continuous employment for half-time or greater lecturers with 3 full-time equivalent years.  Part-time NTTs in each department will be given preference for course assignments.  New ranks of Associate Lecturer and Senior Lecturer II, and benefits for all half-time or greater lecturers.  Just cause rights will be maintained for current post-probationary NTTs during this conversion (click here for a summary of this and here for the full language for NTTs in the contract). 
At least $50,000 of the research funds must be reserved for NTTs (this is to replace the current scholarship fund)
Librarians:  Just cause protections, sabbaticals, and continuing appointments.  For more on librarians, click here.  
What about the take-backs?  All issues that potentially have take-backs (sick leave caps, vacation caps, having a physician certify one is fit to perform one’s duties) will be delegated to Labor-Management committees that must mutually agree to change the current system or they will not be implemented.  This means that unless the union agrees to change any of these, they will not occur.  
For a fuller summary of our contract, click here. Click here to see the Memorandum Of Agreement between the MSP/FSU bargaining team and Admin as well as final language for a few articles that have already been agreed to.  
***We will send you information on voting soon***  
Informational meetings on the contract will be:  
Thursday, November 6, 12:00-2:00 pm. Wheatley-5-41.   Lunch will be provided.
Friday, November 7, 12:30 until 2:30 pm.  Presentation room P2.  Healey Library, lower level-019. Lunch will be provided.
Please review the attached documents/links carefully and bring your questions. 
Any questions can also be directed to if you cannot attend one of these meetings.
Marlene Kim
FSU President