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Executive Committee Statement on Faculty of Color Report



We write you, at this busiest time of year, to apprise you of a matter of great significance for all of us.  Very recently the Executive Committee of the FSU was approached by a small group of colleagues speaking on behalf of dozens of faculty members of color.  They submitted a report on serious matters of concern and asked to present the findings to the Executive Committee.  The report offers a set of critiques, challenges, and opportunities for the FSU.  Its message is at once simple and profound: “the FSU as an entity and FSU leadership in particular needs to think (and act) beyond the contract.”

The report details the myriad ways—institutional and interpersonal—that faculty of color have been overworked, neglected, and disrespected.  What the Executive Committee wishes to communicate with our message today is that we recognize the inequities outlined in this report and we accept the challenge these committed colleagues have made to the union. 

The concerns outlined in this document have to do with teaching, scholarly life, and service burdens, but also to the overall quality of life for faculty of color at University of Massachusetts Boston.  The experiences and perspectives offered in this narrative make clear that the FSU has been perceived as the direct cause of inequality and marginalization.  The report also emphasizes that the FSU and its leadership have developed neither the consciousness nor the active protocols to begin redressing the problems articulated in this report. The report also holds the administration of UMB accountable in matters having to do with equity, oversight, transparency and more; the FSU Executive Committee acknowledges that it is our responsibility to advocate on all of these fronts.

We recognize that our message today should be taken as (at best) a placeholder and a pledge: our work starts now.  Before long we will be providing more information about this report and our responses: we urge you to join our efforts. We thank our colleagues who prepared and presented this report for taking the time and making this effort that benefits all who work and learn at University of Massachusetts Boston.

FSU Executive Committee

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