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February 21, 2023

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2023 (Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Caroline Coscia (President); Jeff Melnick (Vice President); Chris Barcelos; Lynne Benson; Dana Commesso; Sana Haroon; Jessica Holden; Meghan Kallman; Linda Liu; Jose Martinez-Reyes; Brian White

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Senior Staff Member); Susan Mraz (FSU member); Suzanne Morris (FSU member), Karen Ricciardi (FSU member)

  1. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda. Motion seconded. Motion passes.


2.Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve draft Executive Committee minutes of the February 10, 2023 meeting. Motion seconded. Motion passes.


3.Revote on Gift to Monique and Jessica: Service awards cannot be paid as checks. Monique and Jessica must go on the FSU payroll for services rendered as treasurer and clerk. Payments will be taxed. Motion that payments be made for net of $500 plus additional amounts for taxes. Motion seconded. Motion passes.


4.Campus Center Parking Garage: No update from Administration to the campus community on the Campus Center parking garage closure. People with ADA placards need to be able to park closer to the Campus Center. The shuttle to the West Garage ends service in the early evening, and this affects students and faculty who leave campus later at night. The ADA shuttle is not allowed to stop or pick up in front of the Campus Center. This is a serious ADA compliance issue.


5.Policy Grievance – Update: We have formally filed a grievance on the new language in the 2020-2023 contract stating that full-time Senior Lecturer IIs are eligible for one course release per academic year. The grievance has been put in abeyance. The Administration is asserting that the CLR only applies to Senior Lecturer IIs that have full-time continuing appointments. This relates to the broader problem that continuing appointments are often not reflective of the percentage of time of NTTs.


6.Distance Learning Issue: Faculty that create an online class (department or individual) are contractually owed a stipend of $3000. Emily McDermott referred to a “pool of money” that was aside for this. Now faculty are creating online courses and not getting paid. FSU emailed Anita Miller about this, who claimed that there is no pool of money in the Provost’s Office anymore – the money needs to come from the colleges. Discussion of response strategy.


7.Emergency Preparedness and Prevention: Discussion of student concerns regarding lack of emergency preparedness and prevention, lack of security, and lack of emergency trainings. Students are very concerned about this issue and do not feel safe on campus. Discussion of actions that the FSU can take.




9.Weekly Inquiries:

a.Some faculty are finding classrooms locked at 9:00 am. The policy is to contact public safety. Public safety is telling faculty to call the “building manager.” Who is the building manager?

b.Discuss of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s attacks on tenure, academic freedom, Critical Race Theory, and LGBTQIA+ content. Discussion of a statewide union in Florida that represents employees of more than thirty universities; the union is planning a day of action on March 7. There will be a call for a solidarity statement.


10.FSU Leadership Meetings: DID NOT DISCUSS THIS ITEM


11.Upcoming Activities:

a.February 22: Coalition Parking Bargaining, 1:30-3:30

b.February 23: Library Dean meeting to discuss work conditions

c.February 28: Higher Ed Advocacy Day, State House

d.March 1: Labor Management Meeting