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February 24, 2016

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, February 24, 2016

Members Present: Marlene Kim  John Hess  Andres Henao-Castro  Heike Schotten  Karen Suyemoto   Peggy Walsh  Kathy Kogan   Linda Dumas  Steve Levine


Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator  Caroline Coscia, NTT Grievance Officer and members of FSU Elections Committee     Daniel Finn, Sociology  Tracy Brown, Academic Support


A. Announcements

  1. T shirts- We are finally giving out FSU t-shirts for officers and committee members (t-shirts are meant as a reward for work with FSU.
  2. Department chairs update- There is going to be a ballot election for creation of a UMB chairs bargaining unit (UMB contested legality of unit so the card check was not feasible- even majority of chairs signed).  FSU needs to talk with some chairs- these were assigned or volunteered.  Provost sent letter to all chairs not opposing election BUT noting that creation of a chairs union could result in a ‘conflict of interest’ if grievances are filed against them by members. The election will be after Spring break (ballots mailed on 3/18).

3.MTA Annual meeting­- There was discussion of the MTA Presidential election. It was noted that currently, there are more FSU nominees to be delegates than there are FSU delegate slots (exact number yet to be reported to FSU). It was noted that some nominees would drop out of running if there are enough delegates to fill slots. If there are more nominees than available slots, an election will be conducted.

  1. CLA 2 2 survey- Survey deadline is over. Results will be tallied soon.   
  2. Early retirement- No update on Admin proposal.
  3. FSU Ex Com Elections forum-Will be on 2/25/16 3-4 pm W 5 41.

B. Business

  1. Health and Safety Committee- Committee member John Hess reported that Admin is monitoring asbestos. UMB Dir. Of Facilities gave a presentation to the committee. It was noted that the construction/trade unions that work with dirt piles where asbestos has been detected are returning to work on Monday and have accepted the safety levels post-testing.  John noted that the FSU can have an open forum if needed with other unions to discuss asbestos. There was discussion of whether forum on asbestos should happen or whether FSU should focus on forum for other issues such as UMB budget crisis. Motion for FSU to sponsor forum with other unions on UMB budget issues, not asbestos issues, was made. Motion seconded.  Motion for FSU to sponsor forum with other unions on UMB budget issues, not asbestos issues passed. JH noted that the Committee wants to have an active shooter response training for faculty. There was discussion of this idea and what the Ex Com wants to do.  Karen Suyemoto will summarize concerns re active shooter training, other mental health issues, give them to JH for the latter to present to H and S Committee.
  2. Newsletter topics- Theme of newsletter: lack of faculty governance. MK: topics for Spring 16 newsletter could include departmental office moves on campus (all depts. will be moving), student governance and relation to FSU (John Hess will write this article); JH trip to UML to speak with UML NTT union; UMB budget crisis this coming fiscal year; organizing effort re UMB dept chairs. MK noted that she has asked member Natalia Scarpetti to serve as Associate Newsletter Editor.
  3. Membership recruitment update­-  There was a report on Robert Vodicka’s recent training for current members to recruit non-members and get them to join union. Most non-members are NTTs so we  need to use training to recruit them. LN will provide list of non-members in each dept. to Ex Com members. Robert is willing to come back to do another training AHC: target activists in depts. with fewer members and have them trained.

10.JCC update- Motion made to affirm FSU plan to remain in JCC while working to create a better JCC structure that would be mutually beneficial to FSU and MSP. Motion seconded.  Motion made to affirm FSU plan to remain in JCC while working to create a better JCC structure that would be mutually beneficial to FSU and MSP passes.

  1. Budget discussions and promotional merit for Lorenzo- Discussion of proposed FY17 FSU budget. Meetings and conventions went way over in FY15 as did Travel and Entertainment. Office supplies went down as did printing. New proposed FY17 budget changed to reduce office supplies, increase postage for anticipated increase in number of certified letters of demand, reduced printing line item now that newsletter is predominantly online only. Current line item re Associate Newsletter Editor remains but we need to find someone to fill position. It was noted that budget as currently constructed would lead to estimated $2K deficit but accountant says that is manageable. $60K salary for LN would be in place; a possible $2.5K bonus at end of FY17 could be given to LN if FSU is under budget.
  2. NTT conversion/grievance update?- no discussion


C. Reports

         10.  Parties committee- ANHC, Parties Committee, reported on meetings with membres of NTT Caucus re possible end of semester/AY parties to be funded by FSU. It was noted that there are logistical issues as NTT Caucus planning party as well (could be overlap).        

11. Other Grievances- Discussion of pending policy grievances and possible settlement offers.

D. New Business- KS: CIT is posing question to FSU on whether or not we want to sponsor forum on ‘Is Teaching Soul Cost Effective?’ MK: We need more information before deciding.