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FSU asking Chancellor for free parking at Commencement


Dear members,

Earlier today we joined with our sister unions in asking the Chancellor not to charge parking fees for commencement events.

Our communication is below.

Dear Chancellor,

It has come to our attention that UMass Boston is planning to charge students and their families to park during Commencement events.  We are writing you to urge you to instruct Parking & Transportation not to charge for parking during Commencement.

Our main motivating factor is a strong feeling that charging for parking during such an important celebration is just not cool. Commencement is a time to celebrate the students and UMB as a great institution. This is an opportunity for the campus to truly welcome students and their families, to applaud their hard work and success; this is not an opportunity to make money off of them.  

Our secondary motivating factor is the frustration that all will experience if the gates to the parking areas are not open, allowing traffic to move into and out of the parking areas smoothly.  Backups to arrive and leave after events can tie up our visitors for a long time, and will mar the celebrations needlessly.

Please, let's welcome and honor our students and their families with warm hospitality and generosity: allow people to park for free during graduation ceremonies and leave the parking gates up.

We look forward to hearing back from you about this pressing issue.


Anneta Argyres, for the Professional Staff Union

Alexa MacPherson, for the Classified Staff Union

Caroline Coscia, for the Faculty Staff Union