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FSU Election - Voting Instructions


Dear FSU members, 

Voting begins at 9AM EST Friday March 6th and runs to 9AM EDT Friday, March 13th.  

Thank you to all those who came to the candidate forum. The video is posted on the FSU Facebook page and can also be viewed here:

Your ballot will be sent by Electionbuddy which is the election firm we are using for the election.  All members will receive a ballot to vote for FSU President.  You will also vote for representative(s) of your respective constituency (librarian, non-tenure track, tenured, or pre-tenure). Please be sure to vote in that election as well.  

The ballot indicates if the candidate is a candidate for re-election and includes all candidate' 150-word candidate statement.  To view the statement, click on the link. Write-in candidates are accepted in all elections.  

President Ballot 

All FSU members vote for FSU President.  Your ballot will include two (2) candidates for one (1) position. 

Librarian Representative 

In addition to the FSU President, your ballot will also include one (1) candidate for one (1) position. 

Tenured Faculty 

In addition to the FSU President, your ballot will also include three (3) candidates for three (3) positions.  

Pre-Tenured Faculty 

In addition to the FSU President ballot, your ballot will also include one (1) candidate for one (1) position. 

Non-Tenured Track Faculty 

In addition to the FSU President ballot, your ballot will also include three (3) candidates for two (2) positions.  


Electionbuddy – Voting Process

1. The Electionbuddy email is "From" University of Massachusetts Boston and is sent from the email address

The electionbuddy email address has been whitelisted which means the email will not say external sender and should appear in your inbox. 

2. The email will contain instructions on how to vote, as well as a unique link for voting. Each voter will click on the link to start voting or copy and paste the general access link and enter their access key to vote (example of the email below)

Hi (Your Name),

You are invited to vote in the University of Massachusetts Boston FSU Executive Committee Elections.

The voting deadline is March 13, 2020 9:00AM Eastern Time

We are using an online election system to tabulate our votes. You have been assigned a unique access key which can only be used to vote once, and your voting choices will remain anonymous.  Do not forward this email. Do not reply to this email to vote, as your vote will not be registered.

If you have elections questions, feedback or want to be removed from future ballots lists, please email ElectionBuddy Support at 

To vote, visit: 

Or copy and paste the link to your web browser.

You can also visit   and enter 1234-ABCD-5678-EFGH to vote  

3. Voters are brought to the ballot which will contain the instructions and the ballot information. They will then select for whom they want to vote based on the instructions.

4. After they have selected their choices, they will then be asked to verify their vote by selecting the "Verify your selection" button.

5. Once they have verified their vote they will be asked to submit the ballot by selecting the "Submit ballot" button.

6. After the ballot is submitted they will be lead to a confirmation page which will give them a unique confirmation code.

What if I do not receive a ballot? 

Although voting begins at 9AM, it may take a little while for Electionbuddy to send out all the emails.  The email used is the one you have on file with the FSU.

Emails sent by Electionbuddy have been whitelisted which means if your email address on file with the FSU is a umb email, then you will not see external sender hence your ballot should not go to your junk folder.

If by midday on Friday, you do not see an Electionbuddy email, please check your junk folder. If not in your junk folder you may contact Electionbuddy at .  All ballot related questions must go to Electionbuddy.  Do not email the FSU or an elections committee member’s personal email, all election related inquiries are to go to  


Campaigning ends at 8:59AM EST March 6th.  What does this mean?  No posting of flyers, no candidate email blasts, no candidate supporters emailing to large number of individuals and no flyers placed in mailboxes or in common areas (ex: lounges, photocopier machines).

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) is allowed but only as an individual reminding a colleague to vote (The Elections Committee will be sending a reminder email halfway through the voting period.).  

We ask that everyone respect the election procedures and refrain from any campaign activity after 9AM March 6th.   

Election results will be announced by the afternoon of Friday March 13th. 

Thank you for being a member of the FSU and participating in our elections.  

We owe a big thank you to Wenhua Shi for his assistance at the Candidate Forum, and to Linda Liu, Amy Todd, Jeff Melnick, Sofya Aptekar, Joe Ramsey, and Lorenzo Nencioli for their assistance with posting the video.

The FSU Elections Committee: 

Joseph Brown, Political Science

Caroline Coscia, Political Science

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