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FSU VP Election changes


Dear FSU Member,

FSU Executive Committee Vice President John Hess has resigned from the position.

The position of Vice President is now vacant. The position is one of the Executive Committee positions up for election Spring 2019 (see attached documents). 

When a vacancy occurs on the Executive Committee, the FSU Bylaws (Article III, Section 5) states Should a seat on the Executive Committee become vacant through resignation, the Committee shall, at its sole discretion, either (1) choose a replacement from among those who were candidates in the previous election, (2) allow the seat to remain empty until the next general election, or (3) allow the membership to elect a candidate to serve the remainder of the term. Such an election will be a special election called by the Executive Committee, or will occur at the next regularly scheduled annual election.

The FSU Executive Committee at its meeting of December 13, 2018 voted ‘that the Vice President vacancy be filled by a special election to take place concurrent with the regular election, thereby adding an extra two month to the two year term.’

This email is to inform the membership that the election for the Office of the Vice President will be held during the FSU annual election and that the person who becomes the Vice President shall begin serving his/her term immediately upon notification of the election results (March 9th). 

From the FSU Elections Committee:

Sofya Aptekar, Sociology

Caroline Coscia, Political Science

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