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Important Reminder about Senior Lecturer and Senior Lecturer II promotions

Dear Colleague,

Lecturers and Senior Lecturers must submit their portfolios for promotion to their department by the first day of the Spring semester, or by 1/23/17.  (In a prior email we told you to notify your department of your eligibility by the first day of the Spring semester (1/23/17).

Therefore, if you haven’t already, you should talk to your department chair to determine you eligibility for promotion and then apply once you are deemed eligible- YOU WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED BY THE ADMINISTRATION OR YOUR DEPARTMENT OF YOUR ELIGIBILITY. If you are being told you are not eligible but believe you should be or if you have notified your chair of your intent to apply but have not heard back in a timely fashion please contact the FSU. We recommend that you read Article 21.10.6 through 21.10.9 for more information on criteria for promotion and timing of promotion.

The contract specifies that faculty members who were Lecturer IIs under the 12-14 contract who were then converted to Senior Lecturer when the 14-17 contract was implemented will be eligible to apply for Senior Lecturer II after 10 calendar years of service regardless of current or past full-time equivalence. If that is the case, and if you also have 10 years of service from hire date, then you would be eligible to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer II now (if you applied last academic year and were not promoted you may apply again this academic year).

As part of the ongoing grievance and Article 21 and NTT grievance settlement discussions with the Administration we agreed to allow a subset of 9 Lecturers who otherwise would not have been eligible to apply early for Senior Lecturer (see here for more information). Those Lecturers will be receiving an email shortly with additional information.

We expect to have further updates on the Article 21 (NTT) and NTT grievance settlement shortly.

If you have any questions after reading the contract language cited above please contact the FSU office.


John Hess

Senior Lecturer II, English/American Studies

FSU Vice President