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June 19, 2014- Ex Com e-vote, approval for additional FSU bargaining team member

 FSU EX COM E-VOTE 6/19/14

The FSU Ex Com was sent the email below on June 19, 2014 (NOTE: current members as well as newly elected members were sent the email ). The proposal was approved unanimously by 6/24/14 (10 votes in favor). NOTE: approval is for Summer and Fall 14.
Rachel Rubin has graciously volunteered to be on the bargaining team tonight when I spoke to her. As I mentioned at our meeting today, we really need another tenure track faculty on the team (we usually have two), preferably who has experience bargaining.  She is one of the few who have the experience so can jump in and help finishing bargaining.    I had asked many other TT faculty to do so but was declined by all of them (including Arjun, Heike).  
Let me know if you approve.  Since the bargaining sessions have been scheduled a lot for days I cannot make, we desperately need another person to fill in. 
Marlene Kim
Department of Economics
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd. 
Boston, MA  02125
Voice:  617/287-6954
Fax:      617/287-6976