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Latest LFU proposal rejected by School


Continuing to negotiate in good faith, the Longy Faculty Union Negotiating Committee offered a proposal during the negotiating session with the School on Wednesday, October 23 that significantly reduced the size of its request for severance pay for faculty members affected by the CP closing. Holding fast from the start in their stated resolve never to change the order of magnitude of pay offered to affected faculty, Longy/Bard has so far remained entrenched in their offer of only one month of severance per faculty member. The Union’s latest proposal, offered in another attempt to move negotiations to a conclusion, lowered requested severance pay for each faculty member to one month multiplied by the number of years of service. Unfortunately, the School did not accept the Union’s offer. Longy/Bard continues to state that they are “comfortable” with their offer of one month of total pay for all affected faculty, which amounts to payment of just over 1 day per year of service, on average, for affected faculty members.