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March 19, 2012


Members Present: Catherine Lynde   John Hess   Peggy Walsh   Phil Chassler   Larry Kaye   Marlene Kim   Kathy Kogan   Xiaogang Deng

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, Membership Coordinator   Mickey Gallagher, MTA Consultant  
Maureen Pelton, Human Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Maureen Pelton from Human Resources discussed Lifeworks, UMB’s Employee Assistance Program [EAP]. She noted that it can be used for stress and grief counseling among other issues, that it is completely confidential and can be utilized by UMB employees as well as their family members. It was hoped that info on the EAP could be more widely disseminated. It was suggested that departments put this on their meeting agendas and that info be put in the next newsletter.


Newsletter- The Spring 12 newsletter is completed and will be distributed to members this week. CL announced that she has made an offer to a job candidate for the newsletter editor position and will inform the Ex Com when/if the person accepts the position.

Open Forum on Strategic Plan-It was reported that the NTT Caucus endorsed a series of open forums with Admin and students, faculty, and staff to discuss the strategic plan. John Hess sent a letter to Admin asking for the forums to be arranged but has yet to hear back from them.

PHENOM¬- Alex Kulenovic, PHENOM organizer, is looking for an FSU rep to serve on the PHENOM Coordinating Council.  It was suggested that CL ask Heike Schotten if she is interested in serving.

FY13 FSU Budget
CL presented a proposed FSU budget for consideration. It includes $5K for PHENOM, money for a newsletter editor salary, money for a possible part-time administrative assistant hire, additional money to change the health plan for Lorenzo Nencioli to a family plan, and a request to increase the FSU presidential salary so that it is equal to the MSP President’s salary. There was discussion of the $60K ‘rainy day’ fund of the FSU. There was debate on whether or not this was too much money to have in the fund and how that money might be sent. It was also noted that the FSU proposed budget can not be finalized until the 12-13 dues are determined.


Salary Anomaly Committee- members: Ann Blum and Mickaella Perina.

NTT Bargaining Committee- members: Larry Kaye, Sandy Howland, John Hess, Kathy Kogan, and Amy Todd.

Workload Committee¬- members: Catherine Lynde, Larry Kaye

Parking Committee- members: Marlene Kim
Distance Learning- members: Amy Todd  Additional member suggested: Gene Gallagher, Caroline Coscia, Joann Mulready Schick, Mike Milburn, and/or Carol Allen.

Grievance Officers
The FSU has bargained for 2 additional course releases for NTT grievance work starting Fall 12. It was suggested that one of the CLR’s go to a faculty in Nursing and 1 to CSM.

Mickey Gallagher reported that Richard Nunes, BHE’s liaison for ORP issues, is requesting an RFP (Request for Proposal) from the IRS to determine whether or not FSU’s claim that UMB has been non-compliant is valid. The process is slow but moving ahead.

Departmental Meetings
It was reported that CL and LN had attend 2 department meeting to give info on the FSU. There will be 3 more meetings next week. Marlene Kim and Xiaogang Deng said they may be able to attend those meetings.

FSU Annual Meeting, Spring 12 Ex Com Elections
The annual meeting will take place on April 18th, 12PM. CL will determine the Ex Com slots that will be open and will begin to organize elections.

Campaign for the Future of Higher Education
John Hess reported that CFHE is organizing a national day of action to take place on April 16th.

Grievance Committee Update
It was reported that there are currently 10 outstanding grievances at various levels.

NTT Caucus
The Caucus has asked Eunsook Hyun to speak to them about opportunities for UMB sponsored international travel for NTT. They have also asked Patrick Day to talk to the Caucus about ways of managing difficult students.

There was discussion of the need to increase communication on this issue with members and to include  this whenever a FSU rep speaks at a dept meeting.  It was also suggested that the FSU send an email to members explaining the parameters around parking negotiations and asking for suggested solutions.