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March 3, 2021

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2021 (via Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Steve Striffler; Caroline Coscia; Tracy Brown; Jessica Holden; Travis Johnston; Meghan Kallman; Linda Liu; José Martínez-Reyes; Jeff Melnick; Joe Ramsey; Tim Sieber

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Katie D’Urso, MTA Field Rep; Maria Brincker; Elizabeth Fay; Joel Fish; Nurit Haspel

  1. Approval of the agenda and the minutes of the February 17 Executive Committee meeting: Motion to approve the agenda and minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  2. UMB Coaches: UMass Boston coaches have unionized as part of PSU; they are now PSU-C. They will start working on a contract.

  3. FSU Annual Meeting: The MTA is holding a virtual annual meeting on April 30 – May 1. FSU needs delegates. The FSU Annual Meeting is on April 28 from 2:00-4:00 pm. Membership will vote on the FSU budget. Max Page and Suzanne Wall from MTA will be giving a presentation on state funding and the Cherish Act. We will then open the meeting to member comments and questions.

  4. Elections: FSU Candidates Forum today. Voting starts March 5. Candidates can request constituency email lists by writing to FSU Elections Committee.

  5. Survey: Two versions of workload survey sent out yesterday: one for faculty and one for librarians. So far, we have received approximately 85 responses from members.

  6. JCC Update: Joint Coordinating Committee audit coming up. There will be an abbreviated audit each year and a deeper audit every five years. This will save approximately $8,000 each year, a third of which will be coming back to the FSU.

  7. CLRs: FSU receives five CLRs for the year. CLRs will go to the FSU President, Vice President, and a grievance officer. Discussion of giving a CLR to an FSU organizer, including the job description, hiring committee, and reporting structure for an organizer. We need to hire the organizer by March 22 in order to get the CLR approved by the Administration. Hiring committee for organizer: Tim, Jeff, and Caroline.

  8. Forums: There will be an academic freedom forum on March 24 at 4:00 pm. The forum on workload and service on February 26 was well-attended. Discussion of how to move forward and follow up after forums.