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May 10, 2012


Members Present: Philip Chassler   Heike Schotten   Peggy Walsh   John Hess   Catherine Lynde  
Kathy Kogan   Larry Kaye   Marlene Kim

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator


Dental Plan Changes- It was announced that the MTA Health and Welfare Trust recently voted to increase the age of coverage for dependents of members to 26.

Strategic Plan Forums- It was reported that forums held by Admin at the behest of John Hess to discuss the Strategic Plan were well attended and that strong criticism of large class size proposals were voiced.

Spring 12 Ex Com Elections
Results of the elections were reported (results can be viewed here).

Parking Update
Marlene Kim, FSU parking negotiator, reported that the UMB union coalition has rejected Admin’s initial bargaining offer. John Hess, Peggy Walsh, and Heike Schotten agreed to help with parking negotiations. It was suggested that an action be taken at Commencement (i.e. leafleting). It was also suggested that videotaped testimonials about parking hardships be made and put online.

CLA 2/2 Plan
Mickey Gallagher and Catherine Lynde met with the CLA Dean to discuss the 2/2 proposal. The Dean agreed that any proposed changes need to be negotiated with the FSU. MG and CL presented changes to the proposal and are waiting to hear back from the Dean on these changes. It was noted that the proposal requires ‘revenue neutrality’. Concerns were expressed over the possible increase in average class sizes that the proposal might require as well as the possible increase in TT workload if class sizes are increased. Larry Kaye indicated he would draft a counter proposal to address concerns over how NTT faculty will be treated if the proposal were to pass.

MTA Annual Meeting
There are 9 FSU delegates to the meeting.

FSU Committees
The FSU will need to start forming the Distance Learning Committee prior to the Fall 12 semester.

Grievance Officers
The FSU will have 2 additional CLR’s for grievance work starting in Fall 12. NTT member Al Leisinger will receive one of the CLR’s. The FSU needs to find a member to receive the second CLR. It was suggested that this CLR be given to a woman. The Grievance Committee will discuss this issue at their next meeting on 5/21/12 and make suggestions to the Ex Com.

Part-Time FSU Staffer
A draft job description for this position has been written. The FSU will seek to fill this position before the end of the summer.

Department Meetings
It was reported that the FSU has had reps speak at 7 department meetings in Spring 12. The FSU will seek to expand that number for 12-13. It was suggested that the FSU reach out to programs directors as well. It was also noted that many departments don’t include NTT in their meetings. It was suggested that  a parallel system of meetings and reps be created for NTT by department.

Grievance Update
There was a report on ongoing grievances. The Grievance Committee will be meeting on 5/1/12 to discuss, among other things, plans on formulating a policy re the 33% rule following the step I decision.

NTT Caucus Update
The CLA 2/2 proposal was discussed at length at the last Caucus meeting. There was also discussion of whether or not Hidden Treasure should continue.