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New UMB Sexual Harassment Policy


Dear FSU Members,

The FSU Sexual Harassment Committee and the Administration have reached agreement on a new sexual harassment policy (see MOU 6 of the contract for the relevant language regarding the charge of that committee). That policy can be seen here.

A few important points need to be mentioned about this new policy:

  1. It covers only the definition of sexual harassment outlined in the Title IX regulations mandated by the Trump administration’s Department of Education. This definition has a more limited scope than previous definitions of sexual harassment that existed under the Obama administration.
  2. A separate sexual misconduct policy will be negotiated between the FSU and the Administration at a later date to be determined. The misconduct policy will address all related matters that are not explicitly covered by the sexual harassment policy.
  3. A separate policy not covered in either #1 or #2 for consensual relationships among employees will also be negotiated between the FSU and the Administration (updates to come).

If you have questions or want further details on any of the above please contact the FSU office.

This policy is the culmination of over two years of negotiations done by the FSU committee members and their administration counterparts. On behalf of FSU members, I want to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to current committee members Shoshanna Ehrlich, Andrew Leong, and Tim Sieber, to previous committee members Chris Bobel and Marlene Kim, to former MTA Field Reps Mickey Gallagher and Heather LaPenn, to current MTA Field Rep Katie D’Urso, and to FSU Membership Coordinator Lorenzo Nencioli for all of their hard work.


Steve Striffler

FSU President

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