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NTT Faculty Survey on Department Inclusion & Governance


Dear Fellow NTT Faculty, 

The FSU Core Bargaining Team is calling on NTT faculty to offer written testimony regarding your experiences of inclusion and exclusion at the department level.  Survey link below!! Please fill it out by Wednesday, November 17th if you can. 

The CBT is proposing contract language to the Administration that would guarantee that NTT faculty are granted more inclusion and influence in department-level decision-making. Specifically, the FSU is proposing that the University require that NTT faculty be invited and allowed to attend department meetings, and furthermore, that we be granted some sort of voting rights within our departments. 

In order to make the strongest possible case with the Administration on this issue at an upcoming bargaining session, we are calling on NTT faculty to provide written survey testimony as to how NTT faculty are excluded or included at the department-level, and what the effects and meaning of this inclusion or exclusion have been for NTT faculty in particular, as well as for their departments, our campus, and our UMB students. 

We will keep these NTT survey testimonies anonymous, so that no individual names are revealed to the Administration (or Department leadership), and so people can write honestly and fully about both the facts and the feelings regarding this issue. 

If you could take a moment to fill out the survey at the link below, this would be greatly appreciated, and could help to strengthen the Bargaining Team’s argument as we make the case for greater inclusion and democracy for NTTs on this campus. Thank you!  

 (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for survey link information).

Lynne Benson (Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Thomas Johnson (History)

Linda Ai-Yun Liu (Sociology)

Joe Ramsey (English and American Studies)

Steve Striffler (Labor Studies) 

For information on the FSU, links to our contract and bargaining updates, and a calendar of events, see the FSU webpage