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October 14, 2021

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2021 (Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Steve Striffler; Caroline Coscia; Lynne Benson; Dana Commesso; Monique Fuguet; Sana Haroon; Jessica Holden; Travis Johnston; Meghan Kallman; Linda Liu; Jose Martinez-Reyes; Jeff Melnick; Tim Sieber

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Membership Coordinator); Joel Fish; Nurit Haspel; Thomas Pyke Johnson; George Kelley; Timothy Oleksiak; David Patterson

  1. Approval of the agenda and the minutes of the September 24 Executive Committee meeting and the October 5 e-vote on CLRs: Motion to approve the agenda and minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes.

  2. Communications: (a) The Point  (b) General Discussion:

    a) Jeff encourages Ex Comm members to author issues of The Point. Jose volunteers.

    b) Some of us met with Scott McLellan from the MTA to improve our media/communications game. Discussed FSU use of social media to mobilize members, connect with other unions, highlight issues of interest. Timothy runs the professional new media writing program – we could use a student intern to help with social media.

  3. Tenure and Promotion Policies: FSU and Faculty Council started getting emails about concerns from faculty regarding guidelines from the Provost about how to handle all promotion cases. Discussion of tenure review and promotion policies, creation of the Red Book, and community engaged scholarship.

  4. Policing Follow-Up: Steve sent ACLU recommendation on campus policing to Joseph Cooper and Georgiana Melendez.

  5. Dept Visits: Updates on Ex Comm visits with department: Jeff met with Applied Linguistics and visiting Psychology tomorrow. Dana met with College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Linda and Jason Rodriquez met with Sociology. Lorenzo will send Ex Comm list of departments that have not yet been visited.

  6. Parking Bargaining: Caroline: the parking bargaining coalition filed an unfair labor practice against the university – CSU, PSU, FSU, DCU. Change in payment system is a change in the parking structure; university disagrees. Tomorrow will be a parking bargaining session – should get responses to a proposal that was submitted in July. Any members with unresolved parking citations should email Caroline or Joe Brown. Shuttles are overcrowded. There have been 59 confirmed covid cases on campus this semester.

  7. Bargaining: First bargaining session of the semester focused on expanded bargaining. Will likely continue with expanded bargaining, with restriction that no one is allowed to tweet during bargaining sessions. Should receive dates for next sessions soon. Discussion of bargaining proposals and strategies. Likely to be no merit raises because the state parameters are 2% - 2% - 2% with a one-year 1.5% bonus.

  8. Policy Change: Caroline and Lorenzo  have been working on cleaning up the FSU policies, which had not been done in 3-4 years. Proposed three new policies: number of grievance officers; labor management meetings; chancellor meetings. Delete three policies: delete 2 part time NTT grievance officers and 1 part time TT officer; stipends for grievance officers (change); no longer have a blog editor [see below for full policy change proposal]. Motion to adopt the proposals and deletions as amended. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  9. Anti-Racism Initiatives: Discussion of what initiatives we want to advance, including exit interviews with faculty and librarians of color, information request on discrimination cases over 5-10 years, antiracism training, ombuds proposal. Volunteers to do exit interviews: Lynne, Linda, Sana, Jessica.

  10. NTT Promotion Workshop: There was an NTT workshop on AFRs. Got good feedback. Caroline and Paul Dyson will offer a similar workshop for NTTs and promotions to Senior Lecturer I and II. Linda: wants to put together workshop on NTT equity and inclusion, contract proposals.


FSU Policies - New policy proposals.

Location:  Just before Financials

The proposals

Number of Grievance Officers

The Executive Committee will determine the number of NTT and TT Grievance Officers and will determine their stipends, if any, accordingly.     X/X/21

Rationale: Allows for flexibility based on FSU needs.  Since the Executive Committee recommends the budget for member approval, it is logical the Executive Committee determine the stipend amount.

Labor Management Meetings:  FSU attendees include the president, vice president, MTA representative and FSU Membership Coordinator.  Based on the agenda, an FSU member(s) may be asked to attend to discuss a specific agenda item.   X/X/21

Rationale: Clarification on who attends meeting on behalf of the FSU.  Make sure continuity when a change in FSU leadership takes place.

Chancellor Meetings: Per Article 9.3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, FSU attendees include the president and vice president.  Based on the agenda, an FSU member(s) may be asked to attend to discuss a specific agenda item.  X/X/21

Rationale: Clarification on who attends meeting on behalf of the FSU.  Make sure continuity when a change in FSU leadership takes place.


FSU Policies – Deletion


There will be 2 part time NTT grievance officers and 1 part-time tenure track grievance officer with a stipend from the FSU in addition to those grievance officer positions already accounted for in the CBA—10/22/14

Rationale: Replaced with newly adopted Number of Grievance Officers

Stipends for each part-time NTT grievance officer shall be $1,500 per semester—3/22/15; Amended to $1,000 per semester with approval of FSU FY17 budget---5/11/16

Rationale: Replaced with newly adopted Number of Grievance Officers

The stipend for Blog Editor, Jennifer Berkshire, shall be $5,000 per academic year---5/10/17

          Rationale: No longer have a blog editor.