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October 19 2022

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2022 (hybrid: ISC 1-1400 and Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Caroline Coscia (President); Jeff Melnick (Vice President); Chris Barcelos; Lynne Benson; Dana Commesso; Monique Fuguet; Sana Haroon; Jessica Holden; Linda Liu; Brian White

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Senior Staff Member); Katie D’Urso (MTA rep), Janna Kellinger


  1. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  2. Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes of the September 30 Executive Committee Meeting. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  3. December 2, 2022: Price William and Kate Middleton are visiting the JFK Library on December 2 and the Columbia Point area will be shut down due to security. Discussion of implications for MWF classes and how the unions will address this issue, including an MOA regarding closing the campus (including the library) and making alternative arrangements for December 2 classes.

  4. Elections Committee: The Elections Committee did not receive any applications to fill Jeff’s vacant tenured representative seat. Discussion of how to proceed. The Executive Committee agrees that the position will remain vacant until the regular spring 2023 election cycle. The person elected to the position will serve a regular two-year term plus two additional months at the end of the spring 2023 semester.

  5. LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group: Jessica presents a proposal from the LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group seeking approval from the Executive Committee as an official FSU caucus [see proposal at the end of this document]. Motion to approve the group as a caucus. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  6. International Faculty Zoom Meet-and-Greet: Sana shares an update on the international faculty group who will be holding monthly meetings. The first meeting was in October on Zoom. The November meeting will be on Zoom and the December meeting will be in person. The focus of the group is sharing information on university systems, processes regarding visa applications, and other shared issues and concerns. Executive Committee members are invited to come say hello during the December in-person meeting.

  7. Africana Studies Department: Jeff presents two action items:

    1. Resolution to Faculty Council: Faculty Council is meeting on November 7. Discussion of resolution regarding constitution and mission of the search committee for Africana Studies.

    2. Email to FSU membership regarding constitution of the search committee: Discussion of logistics of the search committee, including the short time frame that the Administration has allotted for these searches. Jeff will draft an email for the FSU membership urging faculty to not serve on the search committee.


Executive Committee votes to approve Caroline Coscia, Ellen Frank, Jessica Holden, Jason Rodriquez, and Brian White to the 2023-2026 Core Bargaining Team, and Jeff Melnick to the 2023-2026 Contract Action Team.

LGBTQIA+ FSU Affinity Group

Application for recognition as a caucus of FSU at UMB


            The purpose of the LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Ace, Allies, etc.) FSU Affinity Group is to provide a space for members to share their research, their concerns, and their friendship with each other. By helping to make connections across the campus, we hope to break down the silos that too often confine and constrain our work and our social lives. We will plan events that allow members to share their expertise and their experiences. By doing so, we hope to bring to light issues of concern to LGBTQIA+ faculty and librarians at UMass Boston, highlight our contributions to the university and our respective professions, and foster a sense of community among our members. In these ways, we hope to support each other and provide a safe space for our members. It will also serve as a signal to prospective faculty and librarians that the union at UMass Boston honors and respects its LGBTQIA+ members.


            The LGBTQIA+ FSU Affinity Group is open to any FSU member.


            We hosted a virtual trivia bee in the spring of 2022 that featured questions about LGBTQIA+ history, music, and celebrities. One of the attendees remarked, “Afterwards I realized it had been a while since I just laughed and that felt very uplifting. What fun!” This fall, we are hosting a “Five and Slide” in person event for people to share their research. We hope to continue the trend of offering one event per semester with a different focus for each event to draw in a wide range of faculty and librarians.