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Online Course Creation – Stipend?


Dear FSU Members,

We have recently been getting inquiries about the creation of online courses.  Regulations around online (distance learning) courses are governed by Article 35 of the contract as well as a few other memoranda of agreement between Admin and the FSU. You can see all of that information here.

How to Create an Online Course? The above regulations govern the creation of all online courses at UMB, regardless of whether it is a completely new course or the conversion of an existing (face-to-face) course.  The process starts with this form, with the faculty member deciding whether to pursue the “department” model or “individual” model (see here for FSU discussion on models).  If the course is approved by all parties, the faculty member then develops the online course, essentially following these guidelines (, after which the stipend is paid.

Key Point:  There is no other way for online courses to be created at UMass Boston.  Online courses cannot be created outside of Article 35, or without paying the faculty member who develops the course a stipend.  Each year, the Administration sets aside a pot of money to support the creation of online courses.  Not all are approved, and approval is no doubt determined based on a number of factors (i.e. demand, needs of a department, resources, etc.).  Bottom line: online courses cannot be created apart from the regulations/system outlined in Article 35.

If you know of online courses that have been created outside of this system please let us know (

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