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Parking Bargaining Update


Dear Member,  

Over the past year, representatives of the Classified Staff Union (CSU), Department Chair Union (DCU), Faculty Staff Union (FSU), and Professional Staff Union (PSU), have joined in coalition to jointly bargain a new parking agreement with the university.  

The need to bargain a new parking agreement is based on the current agreements that our unions were compelled to accept over four years ago.  Those agreements require the parties meet to bargain a new agreement when the Bay Side parking lot is slated to close.    

Last September the coalition put forth a comprehensive proposal including sliding scale parking rates by salary. Our six levels included those earning the least pay below today’s current rates and those earning at the top of the pay levels are charged more.  In addition, we proposed a variety of use parking passes, an MBTA subsidy, staffed parking lots, parking passes not linked to a license plate and free HP user parking.     

It was not until our March 22nd meeting that the university returned with proposed parking rates.  The rates are unacceptable.  

The university did propose five sliding scale levels with their rate for the lowest paid (under $50,000) above today’s current rates.  For those earning $66,701 to $83,366 a semester parking pass rises to $657.35 for faculty and for staff the monthly pass becomes $146.08. 

Months after our first session we're still at the table. We will continue to fight for fair parking rates.  

We wanted to share with you what is taking place along with our frustration.  We will keep you posted. and may ask you to join us in setting fair parking rates for all members of our community. 

Coalition Parking Bargaining team

Alexa McPherson, CSU

Steve Levine, DCU,

Caroline Coscia, FSU

Anneta Argyres, PSU