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Parking Information and Update on Raises


Dear Colleagues,

A reminder to join us tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday to discuss the parking fee structure and to support our sister unions tomorrow.

Parking Bargaining Meetings: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2 pm ISC, 3rd floor, Room 3300

Wednesday, November 28, 2:45 pm Wheatley, 1st floor, Room 55

(Contact FSU for Zoom Information for these meetings).  

The parking bargaining team will discuss the parking fee agreement and take your questions (the parking agreement can be found here)

►Your raises and retro pay: Believe it or not, although you were supposed to be paid in your November 30 paychecks, the UMass System Office told all the campuses that there is not enough money.  We have communicated quite strongly to them that they should pay us at least the first year of retro (that was due July 1, 2017, over a year ago) until the legislature provides additional funding. 

►Check out this excellent Boston Globe editorial on UMass Boston debt and how UMB is paying $21 million per year from legacy debt not our own making—and how the legislature should help! 

Help our sister unions tomorrow: Although the FSU has a parking fee agreement, the Professional and Classified Staff Unions will hold their last bargaining session with the UMB administration about parking fees and are inviting faculty and librarians to come to the bargaining session tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27 from 8:45 sharp until 10 am (Campus Center 3r floor) for support. Support our staff and students, and let management know we should not be paying for the debt.


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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