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Parking Pass Update


Dear Colleagues,

Summer Session Two Parking Passes

Summer Session One and Two parking passes remained priced at $70 per session this year.

Summer Session Two parking passes will expire on Thursday, August 31st.  This is a change from last year when the new parking pass system shut off the Summer Session Two passes on the last day of classes, leaving a week gap between the last day of classes and September 1st (start of Fall semester passes).  The FSU fought to correct this, and we have received confirmation that this will not happen again.

Fall Semester Parking

The existing parking agreement is in effect.  

The Fall semester pass begins on Friday, September 1st and ends on January 15, 2024.  If you need the pass on September 1st and up to September 5th, please be sure to sign up at least three days prior to ensure your pass is active when you need it.   

New Parking Agreement – Status

Last Fall we started meeting with HR Labor Relations for a new parking agreement.  The unions made a proposal and around Spring Break HR Labor Relations came back with their counter proposal.  The coalition met once to review and discuss. We have not followed up and will do so in September. Why? It was in April that Governor Healey proposed a one-year contract with 4%/4% raises.  For CSU, DCU and PSU, their presidents needed to shift gears to focus on the raise proposal.   I am pleased to say all unions have ratified their one-year raise agreements and we are now pivoting back to parking.

An unintended consequence of pausing bargaining is the current $70 summer rates remains.

NTT Promotion Notification

For those NTTs who applied in January for promotion, the contract requires the provost to inform you no later than August 15th.    Promotions are effective September 1st.

MTA Benefits

Don’t forget to check out member discounts at   There is still plenty of summer left to use them.

Target Stores including professors in teacher discount.

Target has announced a discount for us.  See


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