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Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver expires Oct 31st


Dear Members, 

There are 11 days left until the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) waiver expires. Attached is a flyer with information on what you need to do before the expiration date.

We want as many members as possible to understand what’s at stake here – and know that there are only a few days left to take advantage.

The MTA is hosting an Oct 26th 6PM webinar.  MTA's description is as follows:  The webinar will teach you the fundamentals of federal student loan repayment and forgiveness options, including the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver which ends on October 31, 2022. The webinar will cover Teacher Loan Forgiveness and the Biden proposal of $10,000 forgiveness. This event isn't for recent grads or young teachers only. We'll also show parents of college students how to have their Parent PLUS loans forgiven. Finally, we'll discuss the pros and cons of consolidating private loans and the important changes made to loan repayment during the pandemic

To register go to webinar.


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