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Recognizing NTT Service & Research: Complete Survey Today!


Dear Faculty,

We know we're all busy these days, but please do take a moment to fill out this important survey, which can help us to get to know the full extent of the work you do for UMB, and how our union can best support it.   

The university administration has made it clear that it is not fully aware or appreciative of the breadth and depth of service that faculty do to make UMB run, or of how these demands have grown as staff have been laid off, technology demands have increased, and students have needed more intellectual and emotional support during the pandemic.  In the case of NTT faculty, this lack of recognition is a matter of official policy, and includes not only most of the service members do outside the classroom, but research as well – though many NTT are active on both fronts.    Please spend a few minutes (or longer if you like!) filling out the survey. We encourage you to think broadly about all the work you do to serve the UMB mission.

The more of us that fill out this survey, the more useful information we will have to make our case that your work should be recognized and rewarded.  The FSU wants to learn more about the work you are already doing so we can help to get that work recognized, supported, and compensated in the best ways possible, for faculty, librarians and UMB as a whole.  So your participation is very much appreciated!  

Survey:   (contact FSU or the members below for survey link information).

FSU -- Workload Survey Committee

Travis Johnston (

Linda Liu (

Joe Ramsey (

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