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Research intensive semester for pre-tenure faculty


Dear colleague,

As you may know, our most recent contract calls for us to bargain with the administration of each college/school to establish policies that assure that pre-tenure faculty have access to a Research Intensive Semester, or a reduction in workload, to help us build our scholarly profiles (see MOU 8 of the contract). This is good because it gives us a chance to push for a strong set of policies together.

A group of junior faculty have recently began organizing around this issue by figuring out what junior faculty want and need and what is currently available to them. You are invited to our next meeting, at 1pm on Friday, December 7, in the Union conference room (Quinn, 2nd floor, room 81A) or remotely through zoom (contact FSU for info).

Come prepared to share your thoughts and ideas on Research Intensive Semesters with your colleagues from across the university and figure out bargaining approaches for each college and school. The strongest agreements happen when directly affected people mobilize. The more of us work on this, the better the outcomes will be.

To check out UMass Amherst’s policies, go here: Scroll down to Instructional Workload Programs for Pre-Tenure Faculty.

RIS committee members

Antonio Raciti (SFE)

Jason Rodriquez (CLA)

Joseph Brown (CLA)

Meghan Kallman (SGISD)

Sarah Mayorga-Gallo (CLA)

Sofya Aptekar (CLA)

Suha Ballout (Nursing)

Marlene Kim (FSU President, committee advisor)

Michelle Gallagher (MTA, committee advisor)