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UPDATE: Implementation of New NTT Faculty Language Re Provost's Office Letter

To all Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members:

Please see the following email sent from the FSU to Emily McDermott of the Provosts Office in regards to recent letters sent to NTT concerning the conversion to the new contract language. You will note that the email below also contains advice from the FSU to NTT members on how to respond to the letters you have received. In addition, please note the last paragraph- once we have received the comprehensive data from Admin on all NTT conversions we will analyze the information and contact members with further advice and information.

From the FSU

From: Faculty Staff Union 

Sent: Monday, July 20, 2015 9:17 AM

To: Emily McDermott

Cc: Mickey Gallagher (

Subject: Classifications


I am writing to assure there is clarity on a number of issues regarding the recent communication from your office to FSU NTT faculty members regarding the conversion to continuing appointments.

Pursuant to our recent communication exchange, it is understood that unit member signatures on the appointment letters is only an indication of their agreement to provide the service described therein. Contrary to the language within the appointment letters, unit members are not indicating concurrence with the terms as described. Signing the appointment letter does not waive either the individual's nor the FSU's right to contest/grieve the terms as described. 

Additionally, the failure of a faculty member to execute the appointment letter cannot, in itself, be an indication of the individual faculty member's intent to fulfill the employment relationship. These letters have been distributed during a period of non responsibility and, therefore, there is no assurance of receipt by the faculty member. The FSU has already been notified of faculty who are out of the country during this time and unable to receive the letter.

By copy of this email unit members are being notified of the typographical error in which percent of full time equivalency is written in both a decimal and percentage form. Thus 1.0℅ is intended to mean 100% FTE.

We are advising unit members, upon receipt of the appointment letter, to sign to indicate their willingness to provide the service described therein, scan the executed letter and return to the office indicated. Again, we advise this course of action with the understanding that their signature only indicates their willingness to provide the service listed but does not indicate such assignment is consistent with the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement.

Once the FSU has been provided with the updated data we will be able to ascertain whether or not the conversion is consistent with the collective bargaining agreement and will, within the timeframe permitted, grieve any non compliance.

Thank you,


Michelle Gallagher, Esq.

Consultant for Higher Education

Division of Higher Education

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Boston, MA