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FSU Nuts & Bolts: MTA rep, Canvas is coming, Paid Leave and Longevity Bonus


Dear Members,

If you are reading this from your UMB office, then you are not one of the estimated sixteen million who call in sick the day after the super bowl.  There is even a legislative push to make this Monday a national holiday.  With so many with the super bowl flu, I hope for a lighter commute.

MTA Field Representative

Each MTA local is assigned a field representative to assist and support the local in such areas as bargaining, organizing, membership development and contracts.

FSU Nuts & Bolts: Elections, Sick Leave Bank, Canvas and Upcoming Events


Dear Members,

I hope your first two weeks of classes are going well.  For early morning arrivals, sunrise is finally before 7AM! Monday, February 5th is truck day.  This is the day an eighteen-wheeler is stuffed with Red Sox equipment and leaves Fenway Park heading south to spring training. When baseball begins spring cannot be far away.

FSU Spring 2024 Elections

Nuts & Bolts: Welcome to Spring Semester


Dear Members,

Happy Spring semester!  (oddly, I write this in single digit windchills)

I hope you had a relaxing, restful, and productive period of non-responsibility. And for those new to UMB, we welcome you to campus and wish you a positive and productive semester ahead.

Reminder:  Deadline for Librarians and NTTs to submit promotion materials

The due date for Librarians to submit promotion materials to your supervisor is Tuesday, January 23rd.

January 19th Paycheck - Update


Dear Members,

The FSU has received your emails regarding the January 19, 2024, paycheck specifically receipt of our second four percent pay raise.  

We reached out to Human Resources who stated that the December 31st to Jan 13th pay period and paid January 19th is not the first full pay period of the year, and therefore the raises will not be paid until the Feb 2 paycheck which is the first full pay period of the year.


Caroline Coscia                             Sana Haroon

NTT and Librarians Promotion Materials Due Soon


Dear Librarians and Non-Tenure Track Faculty, 

The deadline to submit promotion materials is approaching. 


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