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Inside UMB-FSU

One Campus United

By Jennifer Berkshire, union news editor


The protestors stretched from the Chancellor’s office down to the plaza, hundreds of students, faculty and staff lined up to deliver petitions with more than 5,000 signatures, all decrying a plan to hike the cost of parking up to $10 in 2013. The protest was a visible symbol of how the proposal by UMass administrators has united campus groups in opposition to a plan that they say falls most heavily on students and the lowest paid employees.

Reflections from Chicago: What Kind of Union Do We Need?

By Al Leisinger, Mathematics, NTT Grievance Officer


The Chicago Teachers’ Strike this fall was a signal that we don’t have to lie down and take the attacks on public education that have come down from both Democratic and Republican administrations.  Of the more than 26,000 CTU members who went on strike, just 20 crossed the picket line.

"This is Not Just My Own Life”

Interview with Dorothy Nelson, conducted by Amy Todd, Anthropology


Health and Safety

By John Hess, English, Health and Safety Committee


The Health and Safety Committee is a university committee composed of representatives of the three faculty and staff unions and management.  Here are its Mission Statement and Objectives.

Mission Statement


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