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FSU Executive Committee Meeting TODAY, 2-3:30


Dear FSU Members,

The FSU Executive Committee meeting will be TODAY Friday from 2-3:30 pm.

These meetings are open to all members.   (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom information).

The meetings tend to be a mix of routine, keep-the-trains-running, agenda items along with more substantive discussion about the larger issues facing faculty and librarians.   This week we will be talking about vaccines, FSU Forums, Travel/Research Funds, and other issues.

FSU - Final Forums – Library (May 11th) and Fall Reopening (May 13th)


Dear Members,

The FSU will host two Forums next week, one on the future of Healey Library, and the other on Campus Reopening in the Fall.  Please join us for the final Forums of the academic year!  Info/registration below.

1) Campus Forum on the Future of Healey Library – Tuesday, May 11th from 10:30 to 11:30

 (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for registration information).

The Point: Reading the Small Print on the Big Project


[co-written this week by Professors Ken Reardon and Jeff Melnick]

Greetings, Colleagues:


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