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Parking Bargaining Update


Dear Member,  

Over the past year, representatives of the Classified Staff Union (CSU), Department Chair Union (DCU), Faculty Staff Union (FSU), and Professional Staff Union (PSU), have joined in coalition to jointly bargain a new parking agreement with the university.  

The need to bargain a new parking agreement is based on the current agreements that our unions were compelled to accept over four years ago.  Those agreements require the parties meet to bargain a new agreement when the Bay Side parking lot is slated to close.    

The Point: UMB Should Take a Flyer on Free Speech


Subject: Posting Policies on Campus

Action Item: Download the Attached and Put it On Your Office Door

The Point: Finally, Some Actual Points


SubjectThe refusal of UMB administrators to bargain 

Action: Write to Executive Director of Labor Relations, Mickey Gallagher 

Greetings, Colleagues: 


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