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Follow Up Regarding Our Raises


Dear Member,

We provided an update this morning on a host of items, including the status of our raises (see here). Later in the morning, the Administration sent its own blast email with information on the raises. We contacted them to seek clarity on when the raises will be implemented and were told that the Administration is still waiting on the state legislature to approve funding. In short, there is no change in relevant information from what we sent this morning- we are still waiting for the legislative process to conclude and for the funds for the raises to be transmitted to the University, where they will then be implemented. As soon as we know more, we will let you know (the info on what the FSU sent this morning regarding the raises is copied below).


Caroline Coscia                              Sana Haroon

Senior Lecturer II                            Professor

Political Science Department          History Department

President                                        Vice President    

Status of Our Raises:  The Good, the bad and the……….

The Good:  On September 14th, Governor Healey submitted a new supplemental budget to close out the prior fiscal year including funding for our raise. H4090 (FSU is line 510) also includes funding for CSU, DCU and PSU.   

On October 17th, the House Ways & Means committee linked H4090 with H4135 An Act Modernizing Firearms Law.  On October 18th, the House session included action on these two bills.

The Bad:  October 18th did not go well.  This legislative maneuver of joining two bills requires the House to individually vote to agree to go forward with each bill for debate.  H4135 got a positive vote, and a full debate was taken on the firearms bill which then passed in the House.  Our bill, H4090, did not garner enough votes to have a full debate. A reason was that some sections of the bill are still being reviewed.

And… Why did this happen? Unsure.  Traditionally, governors want to close the books on the prior fiscal year by October 31st.  If tradition holds, then we should see action soon.  But with this legislature – nothing seems to follow past practice.