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Friday Forum on Increasing Workloads – register now


Dear Member,   

Are you tired of doing more with less?  Please join us on Friday, February 26th from 2 to 3:30 for a Forum hosted by the Faculty Staff Union and the Department Chairs Union about the increasing amount of work being placed on faculty, librarians, and department chairs.  This workload creep comes in many forms and is tied to all sorts of factors -- student needs, administrative demands, budget cuts, larger classes, program development, under-resourced initiatives, staff cuts, technology, etc.  What is the history of this workload creep?  Was it really better five, ten, twenty years ago?  How does workload creep play out across race, ethnicity, gender, faculty rank, etc.?    And, most urgently, how do we support each other while getting the administration and state legislature to recognize the problem and commit resources towards addressing it?

A number of faculty – Suha Ballout (Nursing), Chris Fung (Anthropology),  Keith Jones (Africana Studies), Tara Parker (Leadership in Education), and Rachel Rubin (American Studies) – have generously agreed to get the discussion rolling, and then we will all discuss the issue and ways to address it.

 (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom registration information).

Steve Striffler

FSU President

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