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FSU Forum: Campus Reopening and Workplace Safety

Please join the FSU and Professors Lorena Estrada-Martinez and Eduardo Siquiera for a discussion about the many health and workplace safety issues associated with a potential campus reopening. 

Who should decide when, to what extent, in what form, and for whom the UMB campus reopens?  Does reopening the campus in the Fall make sense?  What sorts of protections need to be in place for students, faculty, and staff to return to campus, whether it is in the Fall or Spring?  Does UMB have sufficient resources and expertise to open the campus, and keep it safe and clean, for diverse numbers of faculty, staff, and students who not only possess a range of health issues themselves, but may also have families to consider, support, and care for?

How can faculty and librarians protect themselves and guarantee that their voices are not only heard, but central to decisions that impact their health and well-being?

Contact the FSU for Zoom info.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm