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FSU needs Student Intern


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Faculty Staff Union Internship 

Internship Summary: We're seeking 1-2 students to collaborate with the FSU on building our social media presence and communication capabilities.  This internship will provide you with workplace experience related to developing the social media presence of an organization – in this case the Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston.   

We are specifically looking for someone to help the FSU develop a stronger social media presence managing, creating, and promoting union/labor related content on Facebook, Twitter, and the FSU website.  Content will be published frequently throughout the semester. Ideally, the two interns will possess complementary skills, including social media design, writing and editing, and promotion. All must possess a passion for social media (and passion for labor unions doesn’t hurt!).  These positions are open to all students, but we especially encourage students from the Professional and New Media Writing program and others who are able to do an internship through their academic department/major. 

Timeframe: Spring Semester/ Start Date is January 25, 2021 

Hours: 10 hours per week for credit; schedule can be negotiated  

Location: Weekly Zoom meetings 

Qualified Candidates:  

These positions all require a dynamic range of skills from its interns, who should possess any combination of the following skills: 

  • Strong written and verbal abilities; 
  • Experience with social media, particularly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; 
  • Knowledge of web-building software such as WordPress; 
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team; 
  • A passion for politics, labor, and social justice; and 

Experience or coursework related to print and online journalism is recommended but not required. 


FSU Interns will be expected to: 

  • Meet regularly with the internship supervisor; 
  • Attend occasional FSU event; 
  • Contribute to the on-going development of FSU media campaign; 
  • Post frequently to social media on behalf of FSU and its members; 
  • Familiarize themselves with local, regional, national, and global labor issues; 
  • Copyedit information before positing to social media; and 
  • Represent the FSU and its membership in a positive light. 

How to apply: Email by December 1, 2021. Attach your resume, and in the body of the email provide a brief cover letter detailing your interest.  The FSU will respond by December 20th