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Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are getting something of a break!  Next Tuesday there are two important events:

1.    1.  Adjunct faculty at Northeastern University are walking out of their classes on Tuesday, January 19th because their contract negotiations over 15 months are going nowhere and they are still low-paid and have no job security. The latest proposal from management includes raises as low as 1.3% after no raises for three years. Tenure track and full-time non-tenure track faculty at Northeastern are supporting them.  You can too:

●Sign this letter of support to President Aoun:

●Join them on the picket line (this runs all day) starting at 8 am, at the rally at 2 pm, or at the vigil at 5 pm. See a map of these events:

2.   2.   The State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Revenue will hold a hearing on the Fair Share Bill Tuesday January 19th from 10:30 and 12:30 in Room B1 at the State House.  This is the first step to tax multimillionaires an additional 4% on their state income taxes in order to fund public education and transportation.  See here for more information:  

● Please attend this hearing if you can. 

● See the attached if you want to testify.  Note that only a limited number of people will be able to testify. 

●If you can’t attend, you can submit written testimony by January 19 (see attached).  Personal experiences are powerful: How would additional funding help restore programs that have been cut and help your teaching? How can new revenues be used to alleviate college loan debt for students and strengthen our university? 

Marlene Kim

Professor of Economics, FSU President