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October 11, 2017- Ex Com E-Vote: Approval of EMERGE Committee Members

FSU EX COM E-VOTE 10/11/17

Ex Com was asked to vote on the following on 10/10/17. The FSU Executive Committee voted to approve the EMERGE Committee members on 10/11/17. The votes were 7 in favor; 0 opposed; 5 members did not vote.

At the September Executive Committee Meeting, the Ex Com members of All-In/EMERGE were tasked to do two items:  write up a charge (already approved by you) and find more members for the committee for Ex Com approval.  The committee sent an email blast to members to fulfill the latter task and also personally reached out to individuals.

This committee would like the following to populate this committee by adding the following, (basically all who have volunteered)—please vote whether or not you approve: 

Rachel Rubin, Professor, American Studies

Amy Todd, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology 

Timothy Oleksiak, Assistant Professor, English

Anna Beckwith, Senior Lecturer II, Sociology

Tim Sieber, Professor, Anthropology

Linda Liu, Associate Professor, Sociology

Christopher Fung, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology

Monique Fuguet (Math), 

Pacey Foster (Management) 

Gillian MacNaughton (School of Global Inclusion)

From the EMERGE Committee:

John Hess

Marlene Kim

Joe Ramsey

Steve Striffler