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UMB Community Petition Regarding the UMB Website


Dear Member,

We on the FSU Executive Committee have heard from many of you about the many serious problems with the new version of the University website that was rolled out over the summer. We are very concerned by these problems, their impact on our community, their impact on our image, and the inadequate response from the architects of the new site.

We feel strongly that the current plan for fixing the website is not appropriate to the number and magnitude of issues with the new web site. To address this, we are asking members of the university to sign the petition at this link that demands a return to the original, functional, website and that we not move to the new site without thorough vetting and correction.

We are presenting this petition for two reasons. First, in our role representing the labor interests of our members, we are very concerned about the increased workload that fixing the site has imposed on our members. Second, as an organization of faculty and staff on campus, we understand the power of collective action to impress on the university administration the seriousness of the situation and the urgency of our demands. 

We ask that you take the time to read our petition, discuss it with your colleagues, and, if you agree, to sign it and encourage others to do the same. Please also feel free to share the link with other members of the UMB community. Because time is of the essence, we will collect signatures until October 16. We will then present our results to the Provost and Chancellor to impress upon them the depth of our concerns. Together, we can put this right.

From The FSU Executive Committee