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Urgent: keep bargaining opening and transparent


Dear FSU Members,

Bargaining has started – well, sort of.   The first session is scheduled for tomorrow/Wednesday at 1pm and the FSU is ready.  But the Administration is thus far refusing to bargain like we did last round – democratically and transparently through virtual-expanded bargaining sessions (where an additional 30 FSU members are permitted to watch the process as silent observers on a zoom webinar).  Virtual-expanded bargaining worked seamlessly last round, and yet Admin wants to return to the old system of two small teams bargaining in isolation and behind closed doors.  Expanded bargaining is a right we have as established in the Belmont case – and it was approved as formal FSU policy by membership.  “All negotiations should take place at the bargaining table in front of FSU members.” Let’s keep bargaining open and transparent!

What can you do?   Two things:

First, please write Mickey Gallagher (, the Executive Director of Labor Relations at UMB and Admin’s lead negotiator (and please cc Tell her to keep negotiations open and transparent by allowing virtual-expanded bargaining.  [email template below]

Second, we encourage all FSU members in good standing to join us for bargaining tomorrow at 1pm:  (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information).    If Admin shows, we bargain.  If they do not, (a) we will discuss ways we can pressure Admin to come to the table on democratic/transparent terms and (b) provide information about FSU bargaining priorities.


The Contract Action Team*

*[The Contract Action Team, or CAT, is an FSU committee that supports the Core Bargaining Team.   To join, please email:]


Dear Mickey Gallagher,

I write to ask that the Administration agree to bargain with the FSU CBT as we did last round – through virtual bargaining sessions in which an additional 30 FSU members are allowed to attend as silent observers.  Please keep bargaining open and transparent.  Now is not the time to bargain behind closed doors.