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Advocating for Our Rights as Members
The Faculty Staff Union Exists to Promote Better Working Conditions and Protect the Wages and Rights of Our Members
Faculty Staff Union, UMass Boston
UMass Boston- Harbor Point
Speak Out Against Proposed Take-Backs!
FSU, CSU, and PSU members at the Chancellor's Office demanding that UMass pay the raises agreed to in bargaining
The Faculty Staff Union of UMass-Boston
Representing Faculty Members and Librarians at UMass Boston Since 1976.

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston Quinn/2/81A 100 Morrissey Blvd Boston MA 02125 617-287-6295 | 

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston

Welcome to the FSU Site. Here you will find important information about our union, including the contract, a list of officers and  Executive Committee members, the FSU office telephone number and our address. You will also find information about current issues.   Please be sure to check the site regularly for the most recent issues facing our unit. We also have provided links to related sites that   you may find useful for union issues and for professional activities.

Caroline Coscia, President



Dear Colleague,

The Faculty Staff Union, Professional Staff Union, Classified Staff Union, and Graduate Employee Organization, with the support of the student body president, recently sent a letter to the Chancellor asking for an open meeting on the budget crisis that looms over the university.  The Chancellor has just announced that he will speak on the state of the university (presumably including the budget crisis) tomorrow, April 5 at 10 in the 3rd floor Campus Center ballroom. 

Save the date: Four campus NTT/Adjunct faculty meeting, April 17


From the UMass campuses in Amherst, Boston, Lowell and Dartmouth

Sunday, April 17

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

UMass Boston, Third Floor Ballroom

Free parking in the UMass garage

You are cordially invited to a gathering of non-tenure-track and adjunct faculty from four UMass campuses.

This first-of-its-kind event will offer a way for us to share our experiences and discuss the issues that interest us.

Update From the FSU

Dear Colleague,

We hope you had a great break!  The FSU has been busy.  Here are a few updates:

NTT Contract Conversion Update


Implementation Date

The Administration has agreed to acknowledge all promotions from the previous contract through the start of Spring 15. That means that any promotions or status changes (i.e. eligible for Lecturer I, Lecturer II, or post-probationary status) that would have occurred under the 12-14 contract as of the start of Spring 15 will be recognized for purposes of conversion to the new language.

Incorrect Titles, Post-Conversion

FSU Update on Grievance Matters


Removal of Tenure

An arbitration hearing for a tenured faculty member who was dismissed in violation of just cause was recently held. We expect a decision soon.

Improper Denial of Tenure

A tenure track faculty member who was denied tenure recently had their grievance denied at the step ll level (i.e. at the President’s level). The issue in this case is unequal treatment upon the administration’s failure to apply consistent standards for tenure review. The FSU will be taking this to arbitration.

FSU Election Results

Dear FSU members,

On behalf of the FSU Elections Committee, thank you to all who voted in the FSU Executive Committee election.  

Voting closed this morning and the election results are in.  

Congratulations to your new FSU Executive Committee members.

President:                                            Marlene Kim

Librarian Representative:                     Tina Mullins

Tenured Faculty Representatives:         Steven Levine and Askold Melnyczuk

Pre-Tenured Representative:               Sofya Aptekar

FSU Officer Elections

Dear Voting Member,

Voting for the FSU Executive Committee opens Friday, March 4th at 9:00AM and closes at 9:00AM on Friday, March 11th.

You will receive two (2) separate ballots.  Each will be sent via email.

FSU President Ballot: 

Each voting member participates in the election for our union president.   You will receive a ballot just for the election of the president. 

Constituency Ballot:

FSU Executive Committee Elections- Candidate Forum

Dear FSU Member,

Meet the candidates for the Faculty Staff Union (FSU) Executive Committee (a candidate slate, along with candidate statements, can be seen here):

Thursday, February 25th

3:00PM – 4:00PM

Wheatley, 5th floor, room 41

Elected positions include: President, Tenured, Pre-Tenure, and Non-Tenure Track faculty and a Librarian representative

Member voting is March 4th to 11th.

MTA Candidate Forum for Presidential Candidates


In May, delegates to the Annual Meeting will elect the next President of our parent union, the Mass Teachers Association.   Who the next president is will have a major impact on the direction that the MTA takes in addressing the issues and challenges facing public education and public sector workers.



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