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Get to Know Your Contract: The Grievance Procedure

By Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Staff


The word ‘grievance’ can conjure up an unpleasant association with intractable conflict between an employee and his/her employer. While there are certainly grievances that exemplify this dynamic there are many more that are resolved informally without conflict.

Monitoring the Impact of 2:2

By John Hess, English


The pilot conversion in the College of Liberal Arts to move all tenure-track and tenured faculty in CLA onto a standard 2-2 teaching schedule began this semester, and, with your help, the Faculty Staff Union (FSU) will be carefully monitoring the effects of the conversion on all faculty, including non tenure track. While the implementation of the new policy is likely to have a major impact, the Dean’s Office has indicated that no official monitoring is planned.

Parental Leave On and Off the Tenure Track

By Amy Todd, Anthropology


On January 7th, Mark Schafer and Marjorie Salvodon brought three-year-old Marie-Carmel home from Haiti.  Mark, a lecturer in Latin American and Iberian Studies, has taken the Spring semester off from teaching so that he and Marjorie, a tenured professor at Suffolk, can focus on parenting. “When I think of my situation, I feel such gratitude toward the Union,” Mark says. “There is no substitute for having this time to work on building the relationship; this is the beginning of becoming a family.”

This Union is for You


Letter from the Interim President

Dear Colleagues,

I’m serving as FSU President while Catherine Lynde is on sabbatical this semester.  My letter this issue will discuss parking and the movement to a 2:2 course load, but first I’d like to tell you a little bit about me.

NTT Update

By Larry Kaye, Philosophy, FSU Vice President



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