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The Point: DBC Redux


Greetings, Colleagues:

FSU Annual Meeting is April 28th, 2-4- Deadline to submit new business items is April 7th


Dear FSU member, 

We want to remind you that the FSU Annual Meeting is Wednesday, April 28th from 2PM to 4PM.   The deadline to submit new business items is Wednesday, April 7th (more below).

FSU Vaccine Survey – Should Vaccines be Required?- SURVEY CLOSES FRIDAY


Dear FSU Members,

Thank you for filling out the vaccine survey in such large numbers….and providing such thoughtful comments.   For those who have not yet filled it out, we will close the survey Friday afternoon.   See below.


FSU Vaccine Survey – Should Vaccines be Required?


Dear FSU Members,

With the possibility of campus opening in a significant way for the Fall semester, the FSU has gotten an increasing number of emails about health and safety concerns, particularly with respect to whether the vaccine will be required for coming to campus.   Please fill out this four question survey and let us know what you think  (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for link to the survey).

Steve Striffler

FSU President

The Point: ICYMI


Greetings, Colleagues:

Some weeks I think my job in The Point is to communicate what seems like breaking news, FSU Ex-Com business of particular note, or announcements of upcoming events and actions.


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