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The Point: HELU and You


Greetings, Colleagues!

(A note from Communications Director Jeff Melnick: Please read the wonderful guest Point column below written by our FSU comrade Joseph Ramsey)

From A Hundred Separate Bargaining Tables…to a United National Higher Ed Movement

HELU’s Winter Summit is Coming (February 23-27)!

Funding for Anti-Racism Activities – Call for Proposals


Dear FSU Members,

This is just a reminder about the below call/email that went out earlier.   Please consider applying!

Update on Low Temperatures in Classrooms


Dear Members, 

Over the past few days, some of you have contacted us about cold classrooms and offices.   In response we reached out to Human Resources informing them of your 55-degree classrooms and offices. 

Their reply stated that Facilities is aware of heat issues in some areas and has fixed or working to fix the issues in our almost fifty-year-old buildings.    

The Point: What Now?


Greetings, Colleagues:

I hope the beginning of the semester has brought you minimal chaos and some engaging contact with colleagues and students.  It has been a lonely time for many of us, and starting a new semester at least offers the promise of some energizing f2f activity.


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