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14-17 Contract is Ratified

Dear Bargaining Unit Member:

The membership has ratified the 2014-17 contract by a vote of 323 to 42.  
This has been a tough bargaining session because of all the take-backs that were proposed that we neutralized.  
It was also tough because we recognize that some Lecturer I’s who are half time and hired between 2008 and 2011 may be financially disadvantaged from having to wait longer for their promotions.  We understand this may be a real setback for some members, and unfortunately, we were not able to negotiate different last-minute terms to fix this. Despite this, there are many elements of the new contract that are positive gains for NTTs: continuing appointments with significant advanced notice requirements for non-reappointment or reduction in time, increased job protections for Senior Lecturers, immediate benefits eligibility for all half-time and above NTT (no more waiting 5 semesters for half-time per-course lecturers), and a higher Lecturer floor.  We will most likely reach out to non-tenure track faculty to explain the new contract and how it may affect you and to hear your concerns about any changes.  
The legislature will hopefully have a supplemental budget passed before the end of the year.  We will update you on this and let you know when you can help support this budget.  
Other unions on campus have not settled yet, however, and we still need to support them.  They are still being given take-backs that reduce their benefits and working conditions.  We have agreed not to lobby for funding of any contracts until all of us have decent contracts.  We will let you know how you can continue to support their efforts.    
I want to thank my fellow members of the bargaining team for their extremely hard work over the last three semesters: Amy Todd, Jon Millman, Christopher Fung, Tina Mullins, Rachel Rubin, and our colleagues in the Mass Society of Professors.  I would also like to thank the FSU and MTA staff- Lorenzo Nencioli and Mickey Gallagher. We, the Executive Committee, grievance officers, and all FSU members will try to implement this contract to minimize any problems and protect your rights.  
You can get more information on the new contract here.
Marlene Kim,
FSU President